CraftWorlds: Create Your Own MineCraft-Style Game

There’s no denying the immense popularity of Minecraft, and many gamers – hardcore and casual alike – have found themselves losing hours of their lives in the blocky worlds as Steve, fighting off Zombies and Creepers. On their own, the elements of the game – survival simulation, blocky graphics, and experimentation – don’t really stand out, but together, Mojang has created a rather unique experience that has kept players interested and immersed in the game.

With console versions of the game already having come out, it’s a shame that the mobile version was lackluster and much more limited, especially considering the growing strength of the mobile industry. The makers of mobile gaming website Pocket Fruity have said that over 50% of all smartphone app usage is now due to games, and even 50% of Facebook app usage is also from games. Recognizing the obvious need for a better Minecraft game – that surprisingly, not even the official app had been able to fill – dozens of clones of the game were born.

There was Survivalcraft, a game that turns you into a man “marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world” and tasks you with exploring, mining for resources, and of course, crafting; as well as more different takes on the genre such as Delver, which used the same elements, but made a dungeon-crawler, rogue-like game instead.


Delver is a interesting Rogue-like Minecraft clone


If you’ve ever had your own ideas for a Minecraft clone but didn’t know quite how to go about executing them, you may find news of CraftWorlds to be promising. The project launched on Kickstarter recently, as an add-on to Playir, and it’s as straightforward as game design tools can get. Users will be able to recreate the Minecraft experience, but with their own resources, export their game into an APK, and then market the game to friends and family, or if they’re feeling more confident, submit it to Google Play. Pro Backers will also be given access to their source code for more in-depth tweaking.

The Kickstarter campaign will end on April 22nd, and estimated delivery of the product is in May 2015.

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