Archon: The Board Game – 3D printed version of the classic 8 bit title

One of my favorite parts of owning this site is having people reach out and show me some really cool and unique retro gaming things.  This is one of those occasions.  If I owned a 3D printer this would make for one awesome gift for a retro gaming fan, or it would look sweet in my display case in my collection room.

Any gamer from the early 80’s remembers a slew of board game style 8 bit games that were available to them.  Many are similar to chess or checkers, and Archon is one of those.  While similar to chess, there is many changes to the original game.  There are new pieces with different special moves, and capturing a piece is a completely different story, where you are thrown into a full screen combat sequence.  Each side has a spellcaster, similar to the king in chess. Available for Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Amiga, DOS, NES and even a few other systems like the ZX Spectrum, Archon was released in 1983 by EA and created by Jon Freeman and Anne Westfall.  It is truly a classic game of dark vs. light.


I have always enjoyed pixel art, and have just started to check out some cool stuff that is possible by 3D printers, but I never would have imagined taking one of these classic board game video games and making it into an actual board game.  Well, Jimmy Wilhelmsson did, and it is awesome.  The pieces he has created are true to the original shape and graphics from the Atari game. archon-screenshot Even one of the games original creators approves – often times when these games were created a 3D concept was an idea as well, but in Archon’s case it was never produced.

You can read more about this amazing Archon game set at Jimmy’s website or if you are lucky enough to own a 3D printer you can download and print your own from  What other cool concepts could you think of to take a 2D retro game and make it three dimensional?

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