Starlancer – the Classic Dreamcast sci-fi shooter in review

I once had a friend tell me that the only two things that could ever make a videogame fun for him were flying and shooting.

Well after playing StarLancer, I now know what he meant.
Sure, I’ve played other flight combat games, but none were ever THAT fun or kept my interest for very long. StarLancer is both extremely fun and worthy of replay.

The single player missions consist of you joining a space fighting force and piloting your starfighter to save the galaxy, all the while being teased for being “the rookie”. (even though it seems you’re the ONLY one shooting any enemies down…). Some games never pull this off very well, but I found myself thoroughly entertained by the storyline and characters. Goofy voice acting, cheesey cut scenes – the works. I love ’em.

Gameplay is perfect, giving you the feeling you are actually piloting a starfighter. Getting used to all the commands will take a few missions, but soon become second nature. Multiple spacecrafts for you to choose from mean different control reactions and piloting techniques, adding to the replay value of the game. Choosing the right ship actually seems to affect the success or failure of each mission.

Graphics? A sheer joy to look at.
While some of the larger ships can look a bit blocky, the overall designs are great. Also, good laser blast effects, explosions, and above average looking cut-scenes.

Sound is great. Good “realistic” sounds and dramatic music to accompany the dogfighting will pull you right in.

Online play is probably the best of any title for the Dreamcast thus far. Lag seems virtually non-existent. (In fact, I have yet to experience any – I’ve just seen a few people mention it during games…) With 6 different online play modes, and an easy to use lobby interface, this game is worth every penny for the online features alone.

The final word?
Buy this game. It’s great. That’s it.

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