The Enraged – 16-Bit Battle Wheel Strategy RPG At It’s Best

Retro art style, also known as pixel art, is continuing to pick up steam as more and more players realize that there is more to gaming than HD Super Hi Definition “we can see the hair on his ass” graphics or 60+ frames per second animation. Gamers are learning that it is far more important to have a compelling and interesting storyline and gameplay to match. With that advent of realization, it also became apparent that a new method of funding had to open up since publishers aren’t that keen on pixel art style gaming- that is where Kickstarter has come in and that brings us to our latest game of choice – The Enraged by Right Side Down Studios.

The story is as follows, David Young has moved to Emerton Island to work as head of Security for Guardian Research Coporation (they can’t be bad with a name like that). Not long after his arrival on the island though, David learns of a virus that has somehow been released to the populace- turning men into monsters that are blood thirsty and hell bent on getting more.

Set in a turn based strategy style, The Enraged has the earmarks of a great title- the art style is closer to what you would have seen on the Super Nintendo than the NES but still holds up quite well in the pixel art style. Rather than having a fantasy setting, The Enraged is set in modern times, gas stations, houses and vehicles are all present and on the battlefied from time to time.

Gameplay will be familiar to anyone that has played a Sonic Team strategy title such as the Shining Force series, Golden Sun or many others. The battles are fought with a battle wheel, the big similarity to those previously listed classics. This battle wheel handles everything from attacks to healing to using items in the battle.

There are only a few days left for The Enraged to reach it’s funding goal so check it out at Kickstarter now and maybe throw a few bones their way. The zombies will appreciate it.

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