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Free games are a mixed lot at best. Most of them are pretty terrible – but hey we’ll give the guys that make them their due kudos as they don’t have million dollar budgets like Treyarch and co. Then occasionally you’ll play a free online game and just be loving every second of it (path to exile anyone?).

Marvel Avengers Alliance from sits somewhere in the middle. Now I’ll preface this by saying I’m definitely a DC man when it comes to the comic book world but Marvel is still awesome.

Marvel Avengers Alliance is a browser based MMORPG (ish) with all your favourite Marvel characters – Fury, Black Widow, the Hulk, Thor – you name them they are there. Basically, you take on the role of one of SHIELD’s special agents after the world is struck with a giant plasma something from space (oh yes its very true to comic book stories).

Gameplay wise this is atypical turn based fighting – akin to Final Fantasy or if you will Pokemon. You have your main character and then a team of superheroes like Iron Man backing you up in each fight. Starting options are slightly limiting but your characters level up (oh yeah) and unlock more moves, weapons, fighting techniques and specials. You can buy new guns and equipment from the shops and use these to do battle against a host of Marvel’s classic villains.

The fighting is fun and fluid but it’s not particularly fast paced! The range of moves keeps it interesting though and there’s a lot of strategy involved in team selection and combat moves as you progress.

You unlock characters by completing missions, earn some silver and other items through your flight deck on the SHIELD Helicarrier.Marvel Avengers 2

This alone makes the game enjoyable enough but where Marvel Avengers Alliance really starts to get going is in the PVP (player versus player for any noobs out there). You can fight your team against other people’s teams and you can take part in team missions (though only two clans are available). The PVP adds another great dimension to the game and is a huge amount of fun – HULK SMASH.

Overall this game isn’t going to win any awards for brilliance but it’s definitely a great way to kill some spare time and perfect for anyone who loves Marvel.

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