World of Tanks Review – Free to Play!

Over the past few years, many nonmainstream video games have remained in the shadows of commercial titles. Although not as popular or well-established as Battlefield or the Call of Duty franchises, one noncommercial war game definitely takes the cake: World of Tanks.

Click here to download World of Tanks for free!

Beneath the initial, somewhat simplistic objective of the game lie clandestine complexity and innovation. The Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game pits players against each other with exclusively tanks – allowing users to choose from a myriad of classes and teams (such as the US Army circa-World War 2). Beneath these broad categories are the actual tank models themselves – over one hundred unique and respective tanks based upon real life tanks that were commonly used throughout World War II. Once a player has chosen their choice of team and tank, they are allowed to customize their own crew and hop directly into the action.

Another unique feature in World of Tanks is the realistic functionalities presented for each tank when it comes to receiving and giving damage. Getting hit directly in the turret won’t spontaneously cause your tank to explode like in other video games, but it will inhibit its ability to turn at its normal speed. The engine utilized to run this game epitomizes complexity and generally makes it easier for players to accept as a realistic interpretation of tank warfare (disregarding the fact that American tanks are oddly enough pitted against other American tanks in most matches).

Although not as heavily funded as DICE or Activision, the developers of World of Tanks have worked hard to develop a simultaneously complex but simplistic game that appeals to any MMO lover. It combines strategy and action in a very unique way, and is a lot easier on our budgets than the majority of commercial titles.

Click here to download World of Tanks for free!

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  1. Greenhaw says:

    World of Tanks is one of the best f2p games ever made. Great review, thanks!

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