My Recent Sessions with “Next-Gen Retro” Titles

I had a very hard time naming this article. I am not really sure what to call these types of games that have been popping up recently. For sure they fit into all the regular genres like Action games and RPG’s, but they still have a class of their own that is basically right up my alley, as well as everyone else here at – To me Next-Gen retro titles are newly developed games, but games built in a retro style, using retro graphics and mechanics. Sometimes the games are 16 bit SNES style, and others even more like the C64 style vintage graphics with type in responses. They ALWAYS have amazing soundtracks. However, I am the kind of person that can spend a day at work listening to the Balamb Garden theme song on repeat. Often times free with a few paid setting for bonus content, these games typically cost very little for how much play time and enjoyment I get out of them.

Without giving away too much so you can check them out yourselves, here are a few of my favorite titles that I have been playing recently:


lykan-screenshotThis game is actually what inspired me to write this article. I am returning a favor to a friend for recommending this game and hoping to occupy part of his weekend with the next 4 games in the post here.. Lykan is a short game about hunting werewolves with very dark graphics and overtones. The menu options are where you can scale a few areas of the game to increase or decrease the difficulty. The Victorian setting is full of surprises lurking in every shadow.. Definitely check this one out, especially any C64 and 8 bit adventure horror fans.  The developer’s say they were inspired a bit by Westerado, which is also a free game at Adult Swim worth checking out.

Neo Scavenger


Neo Scavenger was recommended to me a few months back via a Twitter follower, and it is one of the best hexagon games I have ever played. As I have mentioned in previous reviews I am a huge fan of everything apocalypse themed, and this is just that. Throw in some elements from Oregon Trail II and turn based combat and you have Neo Scavenger. A certain hexagon Civil War game comes to mind as well, but I am not sure of the title. The combat is do or die, and finding loot is very rewarding. There is a constant light at the end of the tunnel in this devastated wasteland that was once a thriving country, but after several play thrus I have not been able to reach it. The difficulty is not for the easily frustrated, I sometimes restart after dying within 2 minutes of play in my first confrontation.

Hotline Miami


If I had to describe Hotline Miami in one word, it would be Brutal. This is one of the fastest paced, most violent 16 bit style bullet hell shooter I have ever played. You will die, a lot, but that is made up by the instant reset times. The soundtrack is so good I use it as my pump up theme before the bar. It reminds me a bit of the 80s vibe from the movie Drive, with a bit of Miami Vice/Vice City added as well. This is probably the most expensive game on the list, but definitely worth it. I was lucky to grab it on a quick Steam sale, so keep your eyes peeled.

Cart Life

Cart-Life-screen-shotCart life is not your typical video game, with some very different main characters. Cart life is about survival in a sprawling urban environment. Your character has a new business to run, a significant other to take care of, and addictions to satisfy. The game play features a lot of typing challenges, so make sure to have your WPM back up to Mavis Beacon’s standards at least. I am a huge fan of Dino Park tycoon and this reminds me of that style of DOS game. Some strategy with risk taking and money management. Also make sure you have copious amounts of coffee, bagels, or soda nearby while playing this game because you will crave one at some point.

The Blackwell Series

blackwell-screenshotFamily ghosts, bad history, mental illness, The Blackwell Series is an awesome story style RPG that consists of four games, The Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence and Blackwell Deception. You play as Rosangela Blackwell, a novice journalist living in NYC. You are investigating a suicide at the local campus, and things really start to get weird. I love these games because you can really relax and watch a lot more than you have to actively play them. A lot of dialog scenes with decisions to be made and puzzles that will have you pulling your hair out. The voice acting is top notch, and the score adds to the emotional vibe of this game. Definitely worth checking out for a relaxing weekend gaming session with some challenging puzzles to keep you on your toes.

Please comment if you have any more suggestions like these titles, as I am always looking for more!

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  1. KC says:

    I actually had the same problem naming this genre of game myself. We did a podcast called “The New Old School” where we just kinda rolled with “Newtro.”

    • ChR0n1k says:

      Haha I know right? I think Newtro makes perfect sense. Its like the games are being built on modern technology with modern features so they cant be classified as Retro, but everything about these games SCREAMS retro gaming.

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