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When you think of playing classic titles online, legally, there aren’t that many places you can do it.  Sure, you can buy Sonic 1 or Flicky for $2.99 each off most digital distribution sites such as Steam or Gamers Gate.  What if you want some variety and classic Genesis (careful how loose you use “classic”) titles just isn’t cutting it? Prepare to enter the wonderful world of Netflix for gamers, GameTap.

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Gametap is similar to Netflix Instant Streaming but for gamers of all ages.  Gametap offers two membership levels depending on your gaming interests.  The Classic Pack is just like the name suggests, classic titles from yesteryear are on prominent display here- titles such as:

  • Aces of the Pacific
  • Athena
  • Side Pocket
  • Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

As well as a surprisingly long list of Neo Geo titles such as the Fatal Fury games, King of Fighters and more.  Total, the Classic Pack features over 300 games for a measely $4.95 a month, that is a paltry 1.6 cents per game per month- you are not going to legally rent any of of the games in this pack for that price.

The Premium Pack is where the current gen gamers will find solace, again for a paltry price- only $9.95 a month which includes ALL of the Classic Pack games (what a steal).  All together, the Premium Pack contains over 840 games, over 500 are exclusive to the Premium Pack.  Newer games such as Still Life 2, Trine and Runaway 3, while not instant classics, these titles and many more have great fan followings and now an unbelievable price to enjoy them.

Whether you are a classic gamer or more into the newer stuff, Gametap probably has more than a couple of gamest that will make you want to drop the cost of membership to enjoy.  If you find four titles a month to enjoy, that is one game a week, then you have more than recouped the cost to play.

Both memberships come with unlimited play as long as your account is in good standing.  Where else can you go from 3D Tic Tac Toe or the original Street Fighter to playing Sacred 2 Gold without ever leaving the same site?

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