D&D + Awesome 90s RPG + smart phone = Knights of Pen and Paper

So I threw out my back around Christmas, and while doped up on pain meds, I perused the Google Play library on my new Galaxy phone. After a couple minutes of searching, I stumbled upon Knights of Pen and Paper for the price of $1.96. The screen shots intrigued me, so I ponied up the dough and bought this game for the same price as an extra large coffee at Tim’s.

And you know what? I’m still playing this game. This has got to be the most addicting phone game I have ever played. Even more so than the Snake game that came on the original Nokia phones, back before screens had colour and the phones only had the number pad to text on. Which made it handy because you didn’t have embarrassing T9 auto corrects all the time… but I digress.

Knights of Pen and Paper is essentially Dungeons & Dragons on your phone. Only you are both the dungeon master (the person controlling the monsters) and the players. You use an in-game currency to purchase extra players after you pick your starting two, and you can also buy furnishings for the room that you play in, in order to gain stat boosts, xp gain boosts, discounts on movement, and so on. Also, as you progress through the game, you unlock different characters and classes to use in your current game, or to start a new game with.

Screenshot_2013-01-05-23-57-44The main quest line for this RPG could be completed in ten to twelve hours, but when you add in side quests, grinding, maxing out characters equipment, then this little game suddenly has a long lifespan, on par with OG Final Fantasy and Dragon’s Quest.

I’ve had a blast playing and replaying this title, and at just under two dollars, it gives a tremendous amount of bang for the buck. The 16-bit style graphics are charming, the storyline is fun, the chatter between players is chock full of humour and memes, the music is fun, and the grinding doesn’t get tedious, because you get to control how many monsters you fight in one battle.




As I said, I bought it off the Google Play app store. It’s also available on the iphone app store. So if you’re a fan of the RPGs from the early 90’s, and you’re looking for a new game to play with on your smart phone, you owe it to yourself to pick up this gem of a game. At two dollars, it’s an incredible deal, and will keep you entertained for hours.

Resident of the middle of nowhere in Ontario Canada. The first game I ever played was Tetris on the OG GameBoy back in 91. I own a 360, PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP, DS, GBA, and the original GameBoy I got for xmas when I was but a wee lad. Love dungeon crawlers and RPGs, and I play a bit of CoD from time to time. Find me on XBL at CaptainSteve0 or PSN as capnsteve0. Also twitter @CaptainSteve0

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