Take to the Streets! Street Racer review for SNES

Street Racer started its life on the Super Nintendo in 1994, but it would eventually also be released on the Sega Mega Drive, Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn and even the Game Boy would get a port. However it is the Super Nintendo version that I have the most fond memories of. Many people now see this as a poor mans Mario Kart, but back in 94 I loved the heck out of this game.

Make no mistake this clearly is inspired by Mario Kart, but there are a couple of things in the game that made me like it just a little more. First of all the a game is much more violent. You can punch and assault the other drivers as you go past them.

The cast of characters may lack the charm that the iconic ones in Mario Kart have but there is still a great cast of characters here. Each one has there own kart and has there own special move as well. So in a way the characters in Street Racer are far more individual than the ones in Mario Kart.

Street Racer also had some really fun game modes. As well as your traditional grand prix style single player main mode. You also had some really fun multi player modes as well. My personal favourite was the soccer game. One thing that often gets overlooked was how you could play Street Racer in 4 player with the help of the Super Nintendo multi-tap.

This was a great game on the Super Nintendo and it is my understanding that the other ports are not quite as good. But if you are looking for a 16-bit kart racer then you have to give this one a try.

To see Street Racer in action, check out a quick practice race game play video from yours truly below.

Image from GameFAQs

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