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One of my favorite games as a kid was Lego Island back in 1997. It was a PC adventure game where you got to solve puzzles, take on bad guys, and drive sick vehicles, while making it in time to deliver pizza. Even though most people forgot about that game or have never heard about it, Lego games are making a comeback, and have been successful for a while now!

When I first got my Xbox 360, the first game I got for it was the first Lego Indiana Jones game! I had played the Lego Batman one on PS2 and I couldn’t believe how amazing and fun it was! Not to mention, how awesome it was combining Lego and Batman together! But it was the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga that did it for me… and apparently for the rest of the gaming world! Since Lego Star Wars’ first release in 2005, TT Games has released 16 Lego titles! And they are still coming! Being released this upcoming March is Lego City: Undercover, which seems to be going back to the roots of Lego Island. The premise is that you are an undercover cop named Chase McCain whose job is to solve a series of crimes and robberies. It’s exclusively for the WiiU system, and it’s because of this that you get to use the WiiU tablet as a police gadget and scan for clues, footprints, and to solve puzzles all around the city. And like Lego Island, there’s going to be a TON of fun vehicles you get to handle!

After the Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter series, I was pretty sure it couldn’t get better, but I was proven wrong when, just this past November, they released Lego Lord of the Rings. It is by far my favorite one of the Lego series; they even added the actual voices and lines taken straight from the movie! With its open world concept and fast travel by map concept, this easily made it the best Lego game for me! Tip: Sam is by far the most useful Hobbit in the game!

What is great about the Lego series and why I always recommend them to people is the soul reason that everyone and anyone can play them together. They all have co-op modes, but they also include unique character traits and skills which allow all players to feel useful, and most importantly, build on teamwork. They are great for kids and beginners, as well, because you technically don’t die in Lego games; you just break a part and build yourself up all over again.

If you are looking for a great game full of fun, length, and humor, I highly suggest you pick up a Lego game today. Whether by your self or with a buddy, it calls for great entertainment and good time well spent.

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  1. ChR0n1k says:

    LOL I actually played LEGO island tons when I was a kid. I remember my windows 95 machine wasn’t quite up to the minimum requirements so it was very laggy tho.

    The LEGO star wars games are also great for party games or for complete noobs.

  2. Dylan says:

    This game was fun, even to watch. I used to sit for hours with friends and just take turns back and forth playing Lego Island. It was a great game for its time.

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