MEW24’s Big X-MAS

Greetings RetroSeekers!

Mew24 here! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and now that we are cleaning the sleepies away from our eyes and getting up at a decent hour again, I would like to post the amazing present I received from ChR0n1K. The white Sony PSP 2000 Star Wars model! I had a PSP 1000 back in my college years, but included it in my trades for an XBOX 360. What a great little system this is. Not only did I receive the PSP, but also a huge BOX OF GAMES. Half of them are from Japan and I do not have a clue what is going on in the game…but do I really care? LOOK HOW COOL THE COVERS ARE. Some notable titles include FF: Dissidia, FF1 and 2, (my final fantasy addiction continues). Jeanne d’Arc,  PoPoLoCrois, Astonsihia Story, Me and My Katamari, and a whole whack of Japanese games I can not pronounce.

To further my collection, I picked up Fat Princess and The 3rd Birthday, which features Aya Brea from Parasite Eve.

filler pic       me with psp games

Stay tuned for a post showcasing our game room!

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