Video Game Finds #3 – Pre-Holiday Ocarina Luck

Leading up to the holidays, I find there are several retro deals and finds to be had.  It seems buyers are more focused on the new games and systems as gifts, where as I am just as excited if not more about getting retro games.  The big video game store chains were also sending out emails with special daily deals, and I was able to grab a couple for dirt cheap.  The biggest treasure actually happened to be from the back of a tiny thrift store.  The big lesson for this episode of Video Game Finds is that it never hurts to ask.

The first day of pre-xmas pickups started with a lunch break at the mall while I was at work.  I headed into the EB and saw nothing but on the way out a stack of PS2 games on the counter.  I had to look, and turns out Drakengard 2 is decently valuable and a fun game to boot at only $5.  Also, I am a huge fan of Smuggler’s Run and had no idea there was even a sequel.  Regardless at .99 cents it’s totally worth it, even if the game sucks I can always use mint replacement PS2 cases.


The Mystic Quest, Star Wars, and loose Sega CD games were from a mislabeled eBay lot.  The package happened to be there when I arrived at home that day.  The battle music in the FF game has got to be some of the best music on the SNES I have heard so far.  I have also since made some of my custom slimline CD cases for the loose Sega games, pictures to come soon when I post my entire custom case collection.

Later on in the week, a Value Village yielded some sweet PSX games for my collection, as well as one of the most hilarious cover art I have seen on a PS2 game.  Reel Fishing II is literally a live video that has a bit of graphics over the top of it for the gameplay.  It is very easy to catch fish, but the music is awesome for relaxing.  I also finally have a copy of the first Metal Gear Solid again, not a black label version, but it’s a start.  You also can’t really see it, but the Jurassic Park game has a sweet holographic cover.  Also it pays to check every little section of the store, the copy of Double Dragon II with the manual were sitting upright in the bookshelves near all the Idiot’s guide to Windows ME books.


EB had a weekly deal email being sent out, one of the days had the Space Marine and Red Faction games at $6 new, so I gladly picked up a copy of both.  I still have yet to play them, and haven’t heard the greatest things, but the cheap ass gamer in me will be able to get minimum an afternoon off of entertainment out of both.  The rest of the OG Xbox games were from my local Bible thrift store, the one I rarely score at, all for a buck each.  I already have Halo 2 but the rest are somewhat collectible.


Finally, the best score of my pre-holiday season searching was a small box of N64 carts in the back of the Goodwill by my work.  I didn’t find any games at first, and asked one of the employees if they had anything.  She said she thought she had some games, and brought me out a box of cartridges.  Got the box for $5.  I thought the Bomberman game was the one I played as a kid, but I was disappointed to find out it was not the right one.  Bomberman 64 is what I am still looking for.  I already own both Zelda games on N64, and the gold versions too, but still a great easy sell or trade for less than a dollar.  I remember I used to be really good at Turok 2, but when I was playing it with great difficulty I think it was just my friends were horrible and couldn’t figure it out.


Stay tuned for my upcoming post featuring my actual holiday scores, and maybe a few from after.

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  1. Captain Steve0 says:

    I remember playing 1080 back in the day. Also, you got Turok: Rage Wars on the 64? I used to play that with my buddy pulling all nighters in high school. good times

    • ChR0n1k says:

      1080 is sick, the damage meter is awesome. I still was a bigger fan of Twisted Edge for some reason with that annoying announcer, and best snowboarding game of all time has gotta be Amped 2… when it still had online ohh man.

      I only have the first Turok and now the second one, I remember Rage Wars, and after looking it up it seems to be the most valuable of the series, probably meaning its the best to play lol.

      • Dylan says:

        Jeez I haven’t even thought about amped 2 in years. One of my first Xbox games. That and mech assault were some of my first Xbox live experiences. Amped was incredible though and If I remember right you could load custom soundtracks. Either that or It had a great soundtrack.

  2. Kate Gibbs says:

    Great finds, wow JEALOUS!!!!

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