The Simpsons Tapped out

The Simpson’s Tapped Out for the iDevices and androids is probably in my opinion one of the most addicting games on any smart phone. The story line  is about the end of springfeild as we know it, homers carelessness causes the destruction of the town and he and lisa must rebuild. there always updating the game to match either up coming episodes, or the seasons (ex; Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas).

The graphics are surprisingly good, you can create and customize your own Springfield to whatever you imagine it should look like, whether you believe Springfield elementary should be next to the penitentiary , or that the Simpsons home should have a moat. There is constantly more and more being added such as game characters like the bumble bee man, side show mel, even the Mayan God.

The best thing about this Game is that it is 100% free to download, the only catch is that in order to experience the full extent of this game is of course, you need to buy “donuts”, just like any other iphone or android game out there is that there are certain things that you simply cannot get without the extra purchase. And the price of said donuts are mot cheap, they very from $2.00 for 12 donuts, to $99.99 for 2400 donuts. Honestly i would prefer having to spend $5.00 on the game itself and gain access to the entire game then get the game for free but have to pay out of pocket for all the extra’s.

Don’t write this game of as a “don’t bother” just due to the donuts ordeal, even without the purchase of donuts this game is definitely worth playing, there is still tons of content in this game. totally worth the download.

23 year old avid gamer, currently a Class A automotive mechanic, favorite games include Super Mario 3 (NES) duck hunt (NES) super smash brothers (N64) conkers bad fur day (N64) all the zelda's, gears of war (Xbox 360) any of the halos except halo wars, halo odst, and halo reach, they were just horrible and never should have been made.

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