FUS RO DAA…AHH I’m so excited!

As I sit here thinking what to write, I can’t help but feel excited for what’s about to come tomorrow. You see, the new Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim is being released tomorrow for the Xbox 360 (1600 Microsoft points to download). All you PS3 and PC folks will be getting it sometime next year.

Skyrim has been the one game I have been going back to, even after the flood of amazing games that have been released this year. I know it’s going to take me away from Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 multiplayer for a little while, but I’m okay with that. It’s a game that is never ending, and even though you can finish the main story, Bethesda always seems to give us more content for the game. And that’s something I don’t see ending, even after Dragonborn’s release.

I really enjoyed the last two DLC’s that were out this past year; Dawnguard allowed us to experience a hidden world of vampires, and Hearthfire gave us the opportunity to build houses and customize them to our heart’s content. After wasting much of my life on the game, including both the DLC’s, I am really looking forward to Dragonborn… mainly to mount dragons! FINALLY!

Some information was leaked today regarding the DLC, including details on new shouts (apparently a couple of them involve taming of dragons), a new location, and that the DLC’s gameplay is about 30 hours long.

I can’t wait for my social life to die again! But all kidding aside, Dragonborn looks amazing, and I’m sure it’ll be as awesome as we hope it is.

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  1. MEW24 says:

    I think its impossible for anything to do with Skyrim to be a let down. Great article Ally! Let us know your thoughts after you have played it!!

  2. MEW24 says:

    Still working on it. I want to savor it as long as I can:D

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