Video Game Finds #2 – 4 Epic Birthday Week Scores

I celebrated my birthday last weekend and during the few days leading up to it, and a few after, I seemed to have the best of luck scoring some game deals.  Some rare genesis carts I have never heard of, and a game I have been searching for since I have started collecting.  It has since slowed down (slowed down as in the last 3 stops I have made I left empty handed, gah!), and is why I finally have the time to go through everything and write this post.  I grabbed a total of 4 small to medium size lots 2 online, and 2 at same Value Village location, but a few days apart.

Find #1 – Loose Genesis Carts o my!

MEW24 and I were going through the local thrift store, and after Halloween everything is all over the place and the video games were not in there normal spot at this location.  We were about to leave empty handed, and I just randomly decided to check an area on the wall where there is all the bagged kitchen thingys that only have one purpose on hangers.  At about the same time we spotted 30+ loose Genesis carts in bags at $3.99 each.  If they were a little cheaper I would have bought all them and taken my chances, but I know there are lots worth .99 cents and are terrible games to play regardless.  We grabbed all the obscure ones that looked promising as well as the obvious greatest hits.  I laid them down in front of what seemed to be the entire collection of Sweet Valley High books and began hammering the titles into the eBay app on my phone.  Also a couple PS2 games (Kingdom Hearts, but Greatest hits) and we were off.  The most valuable title in the lot seems to be Wings of Wor, and it’s actually an awesome side scrolling shooter where you play as an angel.  It has one of the most basic looking labels I have seen on a Genesis cart.

**On a side note, none of these genesis carts worked at first.  Blowing into them did nothing.  I had to use my years of cart cleaning knowledge, magical tools, and super gamer powers to get them all working good as new again.

Find #2 – Poorly Labeled eBay lot

Randomly browsing eBay, I came across a group of PS2 titles by doing a description search for a game I have been looking for forever, Ico.  I know the HD collection is out but I have never played this game and want to play the original first.  I know…. I am weird like that.  Anyways, found a copy in a group of four games, also in Canada for cheap shipping for me, yes!

Find #3 – Must have titles on my list from a forum

I have been looking for A Link to the Past cart for SNES for quite some time, and found one listed for $11 on a gaming forum I frequent.  However, that seller didn’t take PayPal, so I sent the link of that listing to another seller with A Link to the Past in his list asking if he could match the price and took paypal.  He accepted, and also had a bunch of sweet games in his list I have been wanting to play and add to my collection.  Only the top row in the picture was really pricey, the rest are just fun!  Plus I needed Halo Wars to finish my Halo stack.

Find #4 – Return to the Genesis thrift store

I quickly stopped by the same spot on the way home from work yesterday.  They had a few more Genesis games, and the only two of value were the Mickey and the fighting game so I grabbed them.  There was also a Japanese copy of Alien Storm for Mega Drive, random but sweet!  2 other games in the pile of music CD’s and a Vita game on its own for trade fodder (I don’t even own a vita, but at $10 I know its more for trade in value at EB games, thanks TIVS!!!)

And that’s all for my recent finds, follow me to see my next scores!

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