Rage Review – Some Sweet Post-Apocalytic Action

Rage is a first-person shooter video game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game was developed by Id Software and published by Square Enix and Bethesda Softworks and powered by Id Tech 5 game engine. The video game was first released for PC and major consoles in October 2011. The game has received mostly positive reviews but many people have complained about the lack of an intriguing storyline. Rage has been compared to Fallout 3 and other video games which are set in a post-apocalyptic world. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic video games you will definitely enjoy playing Rage.

The Gameplay:

The gameplay in Rage is similar to most first person shooters. You can utilize a wide variety of weapons to defeat your enemies. The first weapon that you get in the game is a small pistol and as you progress with the game you acquire a wide variety of powerful weapons. The gameplay is relatively simple; point and click to shoot at enemies. You can also use quick slot items such wingsticks, bandages, and grenades. In the left hand bottom corner of the screenshot above you can see that I have equipped a wingstick to my quick slot. The wingstick is a small boomerang item that will slice through enemies and return to you if it does not break.

Even though Rage is classified as a first person shooter action game there are many roleplaying elements within the game as well. For example, you can buy and sell items that you collect around the waste land for supplies or weapons. You can also participate in vehicle races and other contests for points to use on improving your vehicles. Additionally, you will be able to take on quests from NPCs in each settlement you encounter. There is no level system in Rage; completing quests will not give you any experience points however you will be rewarded with a wide variety of items upon quest completion.

You will also be able to purchase a wide variety of vehicles to use in races or to travel around the wasteland. Each vehicle will differ in size, speed, and strength. Throughout the wasteland you will encounter bandit vehicles which will attack you on sight so it is imperative that you use a powerful vehicle when traveling through the wasteland.

The action in the game is quick and intense. Each location offers something different to the player. You will encounter a wide variety of enemies throughout the game as well – you will never know what you will encounter in any given location. The most common enemy that you will find in the wasteland is the Bandit. The majority of the enemies in Rage will chase you and attack you with melee weapons. There are also several mini-bosses located in different parts of the wasteland.

The Story:

The storyline of Rage is the only aspect of the video game that did not receive positive reviews. The plot is quick paced and lacks a cinematic feel it simply takes you from one action location to the next. The game begins with an introduction cut-scene which shows a large asteroid colliding with the earth. Immediately after the cut-scene, you, the protagonist emerges from a hyperbaric chamber within a ship called an Ark and introduced to the post-apocalyptic world many years after the asteroid collided with the planet.

The Arks were emergency evacuation ships that were meant to leave the planet before the asteroid struck but they never made it out. The Arks contain information on how to recolonize the planet once the asteroid destroys each civilization on the planet. You soon find out that the Wasteland is governed by a group known as The Authority and there are rebels who oppose the group and want to end their reign of tyranny. The story takes you to many different settlements and locations which are mostly full of enemies that you need to destroy. You can also take on many different side quests to earn extra equipment. You can complete the main story in less than 24 hours of gameplay time.

The Graphics:

The most impressive aspect of Rage is the graphics. The game is powered by Id Tech 5 game engine which has been built entirely from scratch just for Rage. The older versions of the game engine powered the Doom video games. The engine boasts a new texture processing system that allows textures to be rendered in real time with very little lag. You do not need a very high end computer to run the game on highest settings. Additionally, the engine automatically detects what your system is capable of and sets the appropriate level of texture quality for your machine. The game engine allows for multi-texture combinations which allow developers to add textures on top of one another to create a highly detailed game world.

The only problem with the game engine is that each texture is rendered in real time which means that if you have a slow computer or not enough RAM the textures will be loaded slowly. In other words, you will “see” textures being rendered on screen while you walk around the game world which will create an ugly visual. Regardless, if you experience the problem there are many different ways to fix it and remove the ugly visuals. In general, the graphics in Rage are extremely detailed and of the utmost quality and surprisingly enough you do not need a high end computer to run the game smoothly.

The Final Score:

The video game Rage is truly impressive. The gameplay and graphics are exceptional. The action is fast and intense – it will keep you on the edge of your chair from start to finish. However, the story is not interesting and the game ends quickly. Regardless, the game will keep you entertained with its intense firefights, quests, and vehicle combat sequences.  You can also play multiplayer but there is only one mode available; vehicle races and vehicle combat. I will give Rage a well-deserved score of 8/10.

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