How To Download PSP ISO Games & Add To Your Console

Playstation Portable is one of the most versatile handheld consoles in the market at the moment. A lot of the industry experts believe it to be overpriced to a great extent. The games are pretty pricey too. This adds to the burden further. But luckily, there are methods to save up on buying new title releases.

PSP Games come in the form of UMD discs. These discs are cloned on to a computer using specialized hardware into iso or cso image files. Cso files are basically compressed Iso images. They can range from 50 mb to two gigabyte based on the complexity of the game.

If you have a brand new psp you would be required to downgrade your psp. The information to do so is readily available on the World Wide Web. These sites also have a section on the site that is dedicated on how to make the iso games working on your console. The process is simple and anyone can do it.

Once you’ve managed to download the file you’ll need to connect your psp to the computer. Once connected, you need to copy the ISO file into your PSP. It is convenient to have a fast internet connection as these files are huge and can take a while to download on slow internet. Speaking of size, you’ll also need a bigger memory stick to take advantage of these games. You can buy a bigger a memory stick on amazon or ebay easily. You’ll also need to format the memory stick once it arrives. This ensures that your memory stick never goes corrupt.

It is important that you download your iso games for psp from a reputed site or else you might end up downloading files infected with malware or adware. They can really slow down your computer and put your privacy at risk.

Once you’ve copied the game, one can navigate to the memory card section to see all the games installed. He can then press the select button to start the game of his choice. It is usually seen that CSO games take longer load due to the compressed nature of the file. Try getting a different copy of the iso image if you encounter any error during the initial load.


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