Game Memories with Michelle Entry #01

Hey RetroSeek! For my first entry I am going to blab about my first experiences with my now favorite series, Final Fantasy. Please keep in mind that I am not really critiquing the games, more so discussing my memories and fondness for the series. So don’t get too uptight you damn fanboys!

Final Fantasy X was the very first FF game I ever played. I remember seeing it around in EB games but I never really looked twice. In grade 10, I was at a friend’s house, looking through their games and FFX was the only thing that looked half decent. Before this I had been playing games like Devil May Cry and Zelda, games more on the action side. So I borrowed it! A week later I gave that friend 10 big bucks (which was a fair sum back then, we were teens), to keep it.  It was the first game I played that was really story driven (not counting Zelda…damn fanboys).  The music, the voices, the battle system where something I had never experienced before. I grew to love each character so much and wished they were real people ( I was a sad child). I cried like a baby through the whole thing, YES the whole thing. I played it for about 4 months and once I had beaten it I immediately started up a new file. A couple years later the sequel to the game came out called Final Fantasy X-2. This time I got to play as my favorite character Yuna! in the same world I had loved 2 years before. My first save file clocks at about 120 hours ( I was a sad and lonely child).

So since these games were just so goddamn awesome I couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on the previous FFs. I travelled backwards to Final Fantasy 7, thinking I would have the same experience. I was wrong. I have always struggled with 7. I have tried to play it about 3 or 4 times and have never been able to beat it. Don’t get me wrong, the game is amazing. When I was walking around the shinra building I was scared shitless Jenova was gonna pop out and eat my guts! However, I found the game SO hard. I’m pretty sure I had to get one of my gay friends to beat it for me…

Anyway on to FF8! I had a girlfriend in high school who also played games (RARE). Over at her house one day she introduced me to Final Fantasy 8. “This guy is soo hot!”, she was speaking of Squall who she would always rename to “Drew”. The opening FMV was so epic and still is! This game was a high school drama for girls. When guys tell me they have not only played this game but loved it, I immediately want to have their babies. The story pretty much went over my head but I didn’t give a shit. The character relationships are what really made me crazy for this game and my ultimate video game lover SQUALL! It ALMOST beats FFX for number one, you could ever say they tie for me. The fight between Siefer and Squall, Sorceress Edea being a badass all the time, Balamb garden, the Ragnorok, the fact that you get to play as Laguna sometimes. There are so many cool things about this game. The epic 20 minute cut scene at the end where everything works out. THE F**CKING TRIPLE TRIAD GAME. I was such a loser in high school I created my own triple triad game with the most godawful drawings so will ever see in your life.

I could go on and write more about the rest of the FFs, but frankly..I hate writing. So I will sum them up with a few simple words.

FF9- I owe this game more then a sentence because of it’s awesomeness. If someone would like to write a full article on it let us know!!!

FF1-6- I have played them all a bit here and there. 6 is the one I have played the most I think. I wish I had them when I was younger because I am sure I would have enjoyed them back then more then now. (I’m old)


FF12-BORING, however Fran and that dude were cool characters. Too bad they were put in with a bunch of chars with no personality. Vaan? WTF why waste such a cool name. I DONT EVER REMEMBER HIM TALKING IN THAT GAME.

FF13- That’s the one with Lightning right? The next gen FFs are just so strange and complicated. I played it halfway then gave it to my brother cuz he likes that f*cked up anime stuff. BUT, I will say that Lightning is one of my favorite FF characters because she is a badass (I was her for halloween this year XD). I like Vanille and Snow too :3

FF13-2-I liked it WAY better then the first one. I actually knew what was going on. The story was simple, “lets travel around time and find my sister”. COOL.

Anyway that’s all for now! 😀 Let me know if you would like me to rant about any other PS1 or Ps2 games.



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    Did you ever play Vagrant Story?

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