Video Game Finds #1 – Thrifty Yoshi’s Cookie

Welcome to the first edition of my Video Game Finds posts.  I will be showcasing my latest finds from every few stops I have on my daily hunts for retro and new games alike!  I am literally always looking, and I try to stop at all my local thrift stores every week.  There is new stuff being put out every few hours, so you have to get lucky!

Yesterday MEW24 and I both had the day off and did a quick loop around 4 of the thrift stores in my city closest to home.  The first 2 stops were a bust, only netting a cool coffee mug and beer glass for a dollar.  Stop #3 was OK with a freshly traded in PS2 collection of games, mostly sports though.  I did pick the Sly Cooper game (now I have the trilogy in GH), MGS2 for trade fodder, and the DDR game I know has a few sick songs not in my collection yet, even though it has been years since I last played a Dance Dance game.  Those 3 were mint, complete, and cost me $5 total.

On to the final stop, and the only one really worthy of this post.  Our local Value Village looks totally destroyed after the Halloween mess is still being cleaned up, and their video game section was completely moved and all over the place.  I found the guidebook for GTA on the top shelf near all the “Idiot’s guide to Windows 95” type of books, and the few ps2 games were on the wall by the sewing supplies, these were the only 2 non sports and the only titles with value of over $5, thank you eBay android app!

As I was about to head out the door, I saw an OG Xbox Controller S sitting on the top rack of all the mismatched wires and old Discmans.  I decided to check it out, and in the back saw the signature light grey of an SNES cart.  Grabbed the bag, and woop woop Yoshi’s Cookie.  A game I have never seen before and know is worth something decent.  $20 haul from the Value Village to end the day, and trying out Yoshi’s Cookie later that night after a few beers was hilarious.  Its an odd puzzle game that seems to beat itself even when you touch nothing, the Mario and Yoshi animations on the sides are hilarious when you move the cursor, however.

And that’s it for this weeks pickups.  Stay tuned for the next edition of ChR0n1k’s game finds!

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