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Now we all have a game series that was one of our absolute favorites growing up. The one series that made us giddy with excitement when new information was leaked about a potential sequel, the game that we strived for 100% and stayed up day and night to achieve such goal. Well, as it just so happens, Naughty Dog, Mass.Media, and Cerny Games decided that it was about time to bring back one of the largest series on the Sony PS2.

They placed in our hands, the Jak & Daxter Collection, Remastered in HD.

I remember well my days (and nights) playing as the Hero Jak with his forever transformed sidekick Daxter. Agonizing over the one Precursor Orb in the Forbidden Forest, yelling at the screen when the controls didn’t perform a double jump, when I know I executed one, and when I was ever so giddy when I had finally collected all Power Cells and Orbs, handing me 100% completion.

This time around Naughty Dog gave our Heroes a fresh coat of paint, placed trophies on the shelves, and gave us our childhood back with the Jak & Daxter Collection.

Normally with remastered games, it’s hit or miss with whether or not it is worth the money to buy it. Some would argue they already have the series in their collection, why get it once again?

I say to them, “Whooey! That’s Right! Whooey!”

With all the slated games coming out this year, Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed 3, Dishonored, and etc, why shouldn’t we take a break with a visit from our past?

When it comes down to it, the J&D Collection is a great mix of the old with a taste of the new. You have a great franchise that was a hit during the last console cycle, you have somewhat improved graphics, and the ingenuity of trophies to add a reward for your replays. What’s not to love?


Well, since you asked, there are a few bullet points to address.

While the box art says REMASTERED IN HD that doesn’t always translate to things looking a whole heck of a lot better, especially for the older, lower end graphic games. In one scene in Jak and Daxter, the Green Sage Samos was yelling at me, and while doing so his teeth seemed too dislodged from his gums and proceed to hover just inside his lips. I don’t remember that as a child, so with enhanced graphics, I could see just a little too much of old Samos.

Speaking of glitches, we can’t ignore the fact that some of the original ones made it into the remastered version. Of course that is the case; there were no improvements to the code, just the graphics so it was to be expected. The only thing is, it seems to be more in your face, such as a gondola rising up to the top of the mountain, when suddenly it travels through a solid rock with no repercussions. Not to even start tallying the invisible walls, which I constantly crashed into, forcing me to restart the area.

The audio changed in no way, which isn’t bad at all, in fact it’s a good thing. To change the script, the actors, or the sounds of the world we love would be a crime. Sticking to the original formula is always a good decision in these cases.

Overall, I have to say the Collection is a great game to place in my collection. The improved graphics, the old school game which we all know and love, minus a few of the original flaws, it makes a perfect formula for a fun game.

My honest opinion is that next time a game gets remastered, maybe the code makers go through and fix the errors they didn’t realize they had made. Just my five cents on it.

Jak & Daxter Collection: 9/10

Respwn Reviews by Justin “ProdigiousJ” Reed

Achievement enthusiast, retro game collector, and bundle junkie. Check me out on Steam

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  1. Daxter9912 says:

    Magnificent review, I really missed the Jak games until recently :)

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