Spotlight Feature: Greed Monger – A Sandbox MMORPG Featuring Non Instanced Housing on Player Owned Land, inspired by Ultima Online

It’s been a rough decade in MMORPG gaming as corporations have watered down the formula that once made MMO games magical and full of excitement. Many of you reading this have at least heard of the great Ultima Online. It was the first MMO love of many a gamer and to this day has yet to be emulated in it’s entirety which wouldn’t be a bad thing using modern technology. Though it was a 2D Isometric game, it had non instanced housing, one of the things not many games seem to think is worth having today, a real sense of community, a rares market and a skill system that enabled you to do or be just about anything you wanted.

Ultima Online was released in 1997 and to this day still has a loyal community because they know there hasn’t been anything else to even come close to capturing the same magic and spirit, until now.

Greed Monger is a sandbox MMORPG currently being developed not in LA or New York, but in Cincinnati, Ohio and is being produced by of all things, a Mixed Martial Arts Promoter by the name of Jason Appleton. At first I thought, what could a barbaric giant like Appleton know about MMORPG’s? So, I asked him, and here is what he told me. “I’ve been playing MMORPG’s since Ultima Online. I used to deal in real estate in that game and the rares market. I used to sit around the bank and buy and sell my wares and then run around looking for falling houses in between dungeon crawls. It was the best time I’ve ever had in a game. I’ve played 80% of the MMO’s to have come out since then and was a big fan of Everquest (Necromancer and SK), SWG (Droid Engineer), Everquest 2 (Warlock) etc. Nothing has given me the power to feel like I was truly a part of a vibrant and constantly changing world like Ultima did. I’ve waited for over a decade for someone to launch something like Ultima Online and I remember being so excited at the promise of Ultima X, which was supposed to be a 3D version of UO but it was cancelled. I was so disappointed.”

So, the guy definitely knows his MMO’s and actually has me excited about Greed Monger.

Greed Monger will feature Non Instanced Player Housing on Player Own Land, which means, you can play Greed Monger completely free forever, with no cash shops or micro transactions and instead, you will be able to purchase parcels of land from the devs for $20 each on which you can build a house or shop to decorate and sell your crafted items. There will be a limit of 4 land parcels per player account (though that limit isn’t being enforced during their current KickStarter campaign which can be found here.) If you ever decide you want to leave the game, you will be able to sell your entire estate, meaning your land and everything on it on their Estate Auction System for real money with 15% of the total sale going to the devs. This to be is brilliant because if I spent $80 on 4 parcels and built a big house full of rare items people want, and land values have gone up because there aren’t any left, I could make a sizeable profit for my time. How many other MMO’s can you not only legally sell your stuff but actually get help?

Greed Monger will be host to a slew of other features which I’ll list here.

Housing/Crafting Features

  • Non Instanced Player Owned Housing
  • Decorate Your House However You’d Like
  • Every Finished Item In Greed Monger Is Player Crafted
  • The More Land Parcels You Own, The Bigger House You Can Build
  • Greed Monger Is Free To Play
  • No Global Chat, Only Person To Person Above Head Chat
  • Player Vs. Environment Combat
  • Player Vs. Player Combat
  • Fast Map Travel System (Like Runes in Ultima Online)
  • Raid Monsters
  • Full Player Driven Economy
  • Player Written Lore Based On Adventures

Other Game Features

  • Community Events
  • Regularly Added Recipes and Plans For New Item Types
  • Charge Players Rent To Access Your Land (For Hunting/Harvesting Rares)
  • Ages Of Time and Technology will evolve with Population and Economic Growth (Into Space age – Different Planet)
  • Ever Growing Housing Style Options For Each Climate.
  • Multiple Climates/Landscapes Will Be Available At Launch
  • Resell Your Estate For Real Money In Our Estate Auction House
  • No Micro-Transactions (GM Fully Supported From Land and Estate Sales)
  • No Pre-Defined Skills Trees
  • Animals Only Drop Materials To Craft Items, Not Finished Items.

Overall, I think Greed Monger has it pegged and I’m completely excited about the potential for this game. Check them out at and visit their community forums which is already booming full of people. Their Kickstarter Campaign has already hit the $10,000 mark in it’s first few days already but Appleton has made everyone sure that he plans to continue funding the game regardless of Kickstarter outcome but if you want more than 4 Parcels of land ever, you’ll want to get what you want now. They even have a Reward of a full blown Castle along with 56 Parcels of land for $2,000 and already have 3 Backers for it. I’m amazed!

I give Greed Monger a thumbs up and hope you check it out.

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  1. Spider3 says:

    Excellent! This is what all UO nostalgic were waiting for. I Fully support this game, because it’s finally the time to build our own world again…in a 3d world! ^^ The kickstart campaign is having already a great success, the community is already very active on forum, and everything is pointing in the right direction!

  2. laserlyfe says:

    Don’t underestimate what athletes can do for the video gaming world! Curt Schilling is responsible for Kingdoms of Alamur: The Reckoning. Heh heh.

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