Super Mario Bros. 3 – A Look Back

The NES is Still A Great System

Super Mario 3 from Nintendo was intriguing at the time. The eight different worlds the player could go to but as the player one couldn’t skip worlds unless one had a whistle. The player either had to find and know the secret hiding spot to get it from or Mario eventually received one from the toad from the treasure chest. The “matching” levels were fun in that they gave the player a break in the game of being Mario (Luigi) but still made you think and memorize what you did previously.

The monkeys were a challenge at the time and for the time (year) when the game was made. The graphics were still at a minimum but for the time it was quite intricate. Throwing their hammers and axes so you could receive a treasure chest filled with something that could benefit you for later or if you needed it right at that next moment.

At the end of each world you had to rescue and save the princess (of course) by getting on a floating boat and conquering all the obstacles on it while making it through alive to go under the deck and beat the crazy, wild, flying animal monster. Then Mario would retrieve the whistle from him by beating him and fall down through the sky and land in the King’s castle right at his throne proclaiming in excitement that he has saved the princess but has to go battle another land/world. The visuals were quite complex and elaborate in that they kept the screen moving while Mario was on the boat. Each time Mario got on a new boat, it was faster and more objects were flying at him and things popping up right in front of him to dodge away from.

It seemed like when he was at the higher levels and close to the end, things moved faster and everything was faster paced. That was the way the game enforced the difficulty on the player; to think on his/her feet and make decisions quickly and within an instant. Either Mario moved along with the screen and scene when he was on the boat or he got thrown over board.

Super Mario 3 is currently available for the SNES, GBA and Nintendo DS.


  1. Warcraft Fan says:

    In the new super mario bros game for the ds, what are the enemies that float on the cloud called? those cloud riding dudes that throw stuff at you, what are they called?

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