4X4 Evolution for Sega Dreamcast – One Badass Racing Game

This game was totally insane when I was a kid. I could go on and on about how great it is compared to other racing titles from its time.  Many hours were spent yelling at my screen in the online mode or at my friends while playing split screen.

Even if you bought the game just for online play it was worth it back in the day. The server was easy to connect to, which is saying a lot for the 56k gaming generation. You could get a game going in under 2 minutes(including connecting.) There was little to no lag ever!  There were little glitches when you run into another car while online, but that happened on a lot of other car games from the era.

The career mode is awesome. There are tons of modifications you can do to your truck. They have everything from lift kits to turbo chargers to bush guards. There are tons of races you can do to earn you money.

The trucks they have included are awesome. They have at least 40. They have all kinds of the same truck. Like they have the 2WD models and the 4WD models for some trucks. Which adds up to around 70 total trucks and SUVs. They didnt include some classic offroading trucks that I hoped they would have. Like Jeeps, Dodge Rams, and Hummers. Well even with out them there still are some great trucks on here.

The graphics are great. They are almost photo realistic. It probibly could have been better but they did a great job on making the car models and the terrain.

This is a must have game for anyone’s Dreamcast library, hands down.

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