WoW – Mists of Pandaria – First Thoughts

After taking over a year long hiatus from the crap that we know as Cataclysm, it has been amazing to be excited for another World of Warcraft installment.  I seem to have an on/off relationship with this game.  I will play it for several months to a year after a new expansion, and I then retire it to play other games.  I find it is very hard to keep up a character in WoW and still play other games regularly, I only have so much free time.  Another thing about World of Warcraft is that it is one of my favorite co-op games of all time, period.  It is the best to play on a LAN with my friends and family, and all the group quests and instances make it super fun.  I have been a player since Vanilla, I got much more hardcore into end game stuff during Wrath, and I am super excited to start a new Panda!

Enough about my Warcraft past.  On to my first day as a Panda.

First impression, WOW.  The graphics have had a major facelift, even since Cataclysm they have improved greatly.  Also my new video card/CPU combo looks amazing on Ultra settings.  The music and the scenery in the Pandaria starting zone are amazing.  It really sets the tone for a peaceful, nature loving culture.  A few hours later and you are able to leave the zone and begin your quest as either Horde or Alliance on the mainland.  I went for Alliance as the server I am on I have an 85 toon and I wanted some easy cash flow to start out.

My first session MEW24 and I ended up at just over level 16.  Very fun beginning to a new game.  Now do I wait to ding 85 with this panda to start the new zones or go back on my old Resto Sham on the server?  I am going to see how quickly I can grind this guy up with the new patches I think.  The leveling continues to grow in speed and makes it even easier to get mounts and move up in ranks.

Check below for some of my favorite screenshots from my first day as a Panda.

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