Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror for PS2 Review


The Syphon Filter series is in my opinion one of the most underrated game franchises to have surfaced over the last few years. Yes, Metal Gear Solid was a fantastic game along with its increasingly impressive sequels, where instead of the all guns blazing routine to get to your goal you have to use stealth, and the same can be said about the Splinter Cell games as well, both legendary series that have embedded themselves into the history of gaming. However, the one thing guaranteed in all previous Syphon Filter games to date is pure unadulterated fun where you can blow stuff up to your heart’s content while also maintaining stealth elements for the right situations.

Syphon Filter’s Gabe Logan is a cool action hero, cooler than Solid Snake in my humble opinion, with his ‘trying to find himself’ patter. Gabe isn’t the most manly of names but he just goes in and does the job in the way he wants to do it, whether that is all-out war where everything is a casualty, including the buildings and your eyes, or with a little bit more stealth and skill. Either way though, there’s a lot of killing to be done. Syphon Filter has never tried to be overly ambitious with is gameplay and the same can be said for this latest release – it’s just a damn enjoyable game with some great replayability.

Atari Classics Evloved – PSP Review


Retro compilations have been a staple of gaming for some time now and publishers whose roots go back to the early days of gaming have been cashing in on their back catalogs and gamers’ nostalgia with mechanical regularity since gaming embraced the disc format. Now Atari has released Atari Classics Evolved, which, despite claiming to be “evolved”, is a classic compilation at heart, eleven games from Atari’s arcade heritage gathered together on one UMD for the PlayStation Portable, in their original form and in a new “evolved” design.

A classic comes to iPhone – King of Dragon Pass Review


King of Dragon Pass is set in Glorantha, the world that is the basis for the RuneQuest and HeroQuest roleplaying games. In the bottom is a resource management game like King or Hammurabi, but this is only a small part of the game. You will be faced with dilemmas that need resolving. Some dilemmas are one of a kind, some are part of a longer plot. You will also need to propagate the gods through temples and sacrifice, explore the world, trade and negotiate neighboring clans, raid and defend from raids, unite the clans into a tribe AND (long game only) unite the tribes into a Kingdom. To aid you are your “ring” or council of 7 advisers, that you can select from 25 or so nobles. The advice they make are generally sound – unlike many other games – but affected by how the adviser looks at the world. When your advisers advice is “out there” it is usually because they have a pet peeve. Each adviser has a personality, which adds a lot of flavor to the game. They also age by changing portrait image over time, each person has 3 portraits. All this gives the people portrayed depth and makes you (well, me at least) care for them, or sometimes dislike them. And that’s the synopsis of the game, lead a small village through pitfalls to fame or possibly ignominy. A friend said to me “it’s not a great game, but it is made with a lot of heart”

Devil May Cry 4 – Xbox 360 Review


Ever since the original Devil May Cry hit the PS2 early on in the console’s lifespan, the series has become a firm favourite with hardcore gamers thanks to its emphasis on stylish combat and challenging difficulty, with the kind of epic boss battles occurring every other level that are normally reserved for the end of games. Now the long wait for the series’ next gen debut is finally over and super cool half-demon Dante is back with a vengeance!

Right from the first moment of the opening cut scene, when the Capcom logo is scattered by a cloud of sinister black mist blowing in the wind, you know you’re in for a cinematic treat – and Devil May Cry 4 does not disappoint. Indeed, I’m hard pressed to think of any other game that has such consistently spectacular cut scenes, filmed with all the panache and action of a John Woo flick and featuring stunningly realistic character models that move as fluidly as real people. The extended introductory cut scenes, which basically make up the first mission of the game, are absolutely astonishing, introducing the new main character Nero with incredible style as he kicks the stuffing out of the redesigned stitched-up puppets, set to the haunting melody sung by his sweetheart, Kyrie.

Archon: The Board Game – 3D printed version of the classic 8 bit title


One of my favorite parts of owning this site is having people reach out and show me some really cool and unique retro gaming things.  This is one of those occasions.  If I owned a 3D printer this would make for one awesome gift for a retro gaming fan, or it would look sweet in my display case in my collection room.

Any gamer from the early 80’s remembers a slew of board game style 8 bit games that were available to them.  Many are similar to chess or checkers, and Archon is one of those.  While similar to chess, there is many changes to the original game.  There are new pieces with different special moves, and capturing a piece is a completely different story, where you are thrown into a full screen combat sequence.  Each side has a spellcaster, similar to the king in chess. Available for Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Amiga, DOS, NES and even a few other systems like the ZX Spectrum, Archon was released in 1983 by EA and created by Jon Freeman and Anne Westfall.  It is truly a classic game of dark vs. light.

Starlancer – the Classic Dreamcast sci-fi shooter in review


I once had a friend tell me that the only two things that could ever make a videogame fun for him were flying and shooting.

Well after playing StarLancer, I now know what he meant.
Sure, I’ve played other flight combat games, but none were ever THAT fun or kept my interest for very long. StarLancer is both extremely fun and worthy of replay.

The single player missions consist of you joining a space fighting force and piloting your starfighter to save the galaxy, all the while being teased for being “the rookie”. (even though it seems you’re the ONLY one shooting any enemies down…). Some games never pull this off very well, but I found myself thoroughly entertained by the storyline and characters. Goofy voice acting, cheesey cut scenes – the works. I love ‘em.